PLEASE BRING THE FOLLOWING REQUIRED ITEMS: If you do not have any of the items or need more information, please use the Contact section to ask a question, or view the New Shooters section for more information.

  • Pistol or Revolver: You may use any pistol or revolver that has a total capacity of at LEAST 5 rounds.  The pistol or revolver can be in any caliber for the Texas License to Carry course.  There is no difference in your license to carry (once granted by Texas DPS) based upon the caliber or type of firearm that you used to quality (ie: if you qualify for the course with a revolver, your license will still permit you to carry a semi-auto pistol).  If you do decide to use a .22LR firearm, it is suggested that you use ammunition which is known to be reliable in your firearm.  .22LR ammo and .22LR pistols/revolvers are known to be less reliable than centerfire firearms/calibers (like .380acp, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 38 Special, .357 Magnum, etc).  If you choose to use a revolver for the course, make sure you know which way your cylinder rotates as you fire, as we will occasionally may need to load less than 5 rounds at a time (and thus, you'll have an empty cylinder).  New shooters or those without firearms should see the New Shooters section for specific information.

  • Pistol or revolver continued: Do not plan on sharing a firearm with another student.  Many of our courses shoot in one relay, meaning that we all shoot at the same time and then we return to the classroom.  If you need another pistol, you can rent one from Dallas Carry.  Additionally, you are not permitted to use lasers, optics, or rifle caliber pistols.  Lasers must be deactivated or we will place a small strip of tape across the emitter to block the beam.  Optics (ex: Trijicon RMR, Aimpoint ACRO, etc) must be turned off so that you are relying only on the "iron sights" meaning the traditional front post and rear notch found on all pistols.  You can look THROUGH the optic to witness these sights, you simply must have the dot turned off.  Scopes are not permitted whatsoever, they must be removed.

  • 50 rounds of ammunition: Only new production ammunition, no reloads.  Your ammo will be inspected prior to beginning the qualification portion of the course.  If you do not have your own firearm, please refer to the New Shooters section for specific information.​  It may also be helpful to bring another 50 rounds in case for example, your pistol malfunctions and you need to retake the qualification.  You are not permitted to make up rounds not fired due to stoppages & malfunctions which happen during the course of fire.  As such, purchasing quality, brass cased, USA manufactured ammunition is highly suggested.

  • Eye & ear protection: If you do not bring eye & ear protection, you may use ours for free.  However, it is important for you to own these items personally, so we recommend that you purchase them in advance of the course.


  • Appropriate attire: Low cut shirts and v-necks should be avoided to prevent brass casings from falling down your shirt.  Hooded sweatshirts are also discouraged due to the potential for brass casings to land on your neck.  Additionally, close toed shoes are required.

  • A hat or baseball cap is recommended: Brass casings can occasionally fall on your head after being fired from your own pistol, or if outdoors, from another shooter to your side.  A baseball cap helps prevent this from hitting your face or falling inside your glasses.

  • Your state ID, Driver's License, or US Passport: You can still attend and pass this course with an out-of-state Driver's License or State ID.  When applying for your License to Carry you'll have to take one more step as part of the process.  See the Application Process section for more information.

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