Please read these instructions prior to signing up!

Each course may have a different location, which will be listed on the calendar and on each sign-up page.  Please note that while Dallas Carry holds courses at various shooting ranges, we are not formerly affiliated with them.  As such, with questions, scheduling, etc you must contact Dallas Carry and not the shooting range at which the a course is being held.

Please note before registering:

  • If you have little to no experience with handguns, please contact us prior to registering.  If you are taking a License to Carry course, keep in mind that we are not teaching you HOW to shoot.  You are expected to know how to safely and proficiently operate your pistol before coming to class.

  • Payment is required before coming to class!   If you have already paid via some other manner or have been given a coupon code, please make sure to utilize the "Coupon code" section of the registration form.  If you still aren't able to register for some reason, use the "Contact us" portion of this website and we will assist.

  • If you have indicated on your registration form that you'll need a pistol for the class, you will receive an invoice for the cost of the rental pistol (includes pistol rental with 50 rounds of ammo) before the course.  You can either pay this invoice online prior or bring cash the day of the course.

  • You may register two people at the same time.  If you need to enroll a 3rd, 4th, or more, please have those individuals sign up themselves rather than using your information again.  This ensures an accurate attendance list for the course and allows important email messaging to be sent to the other participants.

  • Please contact us 24 hours ahead of your scheduled course if you for any reason need to reschedule.  If we do not receive such notice, you are not owed or guaranteed a refund, nor credit towards a future course.

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