Upload copy of DL OR ID
Max File Size 15MB

Need a new LTC-100 replacement form?  Here's how to request another copy:

1) Fill out this form and submit it.  You must attach a copy of your driver's license or your state ID.  Preferably, you should use the same one that you did when you took the class.  However, if that is not an option, do not worry.

2) Use the Contact us form on the website to let us know that you've uploaded your information (on the form in #1).  It may seem redundant to contact us using another form after you've already submitted your information,  but unfortunately this is how our system works.

3) You'll receive an invoice for $10.00.  This replacement form fee goes towards covering time, handling, and postage for your replacement form.  The invoice is not generated automatically, so please allow for some time for it to be processed and sent to you.

4) Once you have completed each step and paid your invoice, you will be mailed a replacement LTC-100 form.  Unfortunately, for security reasons, we cannot simply email it to you.

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