Welcome new shooters!  Everyone starts somewhere, and we are glad that you are considering taking your first step towards firearms proficiency with Dallas Carry.  We work with students of all backgrounds and experience levels and new shooters have a lot to gain from attending training with us.  While not an exhaustive list, please read some of the information below to help you get comfortable and take your next step with us.

  • "I have never shot a pistol": The License to Carry course does NOT teach you how to shoot.  You are expected to know how to safely and proficiently operate your pistol before attending.  Skills that you must posess prior to attending are easily and quickly learned, but include: understanding how to use the safeties or controls on your firearm, inserting and ejecting a magazine, manipulating the slide to chamber a round, and knowing how to align the sights on your pistol or revolver.  So, before you attend one of our Texas LTC courses, you should practice your skills at the range by visiting a local shooting range and renting a pistol to try out.  Many shooting ranges offer "ladies days" where women may use the range and rent firearms for free or a significantly reduced cost.  For women shooters and couples, this is the best time to practice.  See the Course Information section to read about the accuracy requirements, the course of fire, and watch a video demonstration.

  • "I'm new, where should I go practice?: There are lots of great places around DFW to practice shooting.  Most shooting ranges will have staff on hand to help you learn at least the basics before you head out to a range.  Many shooting ranges also offer days where there are significant discounts for women (both for entry as well as rentals).  Before heading out to the range, see the Course Information section to understand the course of fire and the distances we'll be shooting at.  Once you're at the range, speak with the range staff to choose a gun that would be appropriate for your skill level and physical abilities.  If this is your first time shooting, a .22LR pistol would be a great idea to get started, although many .380 and 9mm handguns have low recoil as well.  Here are just a few suggestions in the immediate area on where to go:​​

    • Eagle Gun Range (Lewisville)​: 491 Valley Ridge Blvd, Lewisville, TX 75057 - (972-353-4867)

    • Eagle Gun Range (Farmers Branch): 14400 Midway Rd, Farmers Branch, TX 75244 - (972) 353-4867

    • DFW Gun Range (Dallas): 1607 W Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75235 - (214) 630-4866

    • Texas Gun Experience (Grapevine): 1901 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051 - (817) 285-0664

  • "I don't own a pistol": The range will have pistols for rental, we will also have a few 9mm Glock 17's for rental.  These are very easy to shoot and fit a wide spectrum of hand sizes (petite all the way up to very large).  When you are registering for your course you will have the opportunity to indicate whether you want a rental pistol or not.  Should you indicate that you will need one, you will receive an online invoice which includes the cost of the rental including 50 rounds of ammunition.  Dallas Carry does not however, sell any firearms, ammunition, accessories, etc.

  • "I am not sure if my pistol is good for this course": Use the contact us feature and let us know what you want to bring if you aren't sure.  If what you have is unsafe or a poor fit for you, such as a light/small frame revolver (hard to shoot), we can make an easy to use, Glock 17 available for your use.

  • "I don't want to carry a firearm": That's okay, everyone should make that choice on their own.  However, if you decide you need to carry a firearm some day, it's better that you have this course out of the way and a license in your wallet.  The licensing waiting period/process can take months, which is too long if you really need to protect yourself.

  • "I'm not sure what gear I should buy" (ear/eye protection, holster, etc): We will have the opportunity to talk about gear during our time together.  You will need eye and ear protection at a minimum for the course, but those can be purchased for minimal expense at the range (approximately $10).  We will have complementary ear plugs and eye protection available for your use at no cost.

  • "I'm worried I may not pass the course": You should be somewhat confident before you attend the course that you will pass the course of fire.  It is not difficult, and even beginner and novice shooters are very capable of passing.  However, new shooters or those who have not shot in a long time will have difficulty.  See the Course Info page for accuracy requirements, the course of fire, a demonstration of the qualification, as well as an image of a passing target (B-27 size) with grading criteria.  This should be very helpful in preparing to pass the course with ease.

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