The instructions below will help guide you to applying for your license with the Texas Department of Public Safety.  You can apply for the license before taking the required LTC course if you'd like.  The process doesn't differ greatly if you've done so, but the instructions below will guide someone from start-to finish, assuming they've just taken their LTC course.

  1. Visit to start your application.  At the end of the application, you will be provided the opportunity to set up a fingerprint appointment.

  2. If you have already completed an application but have not yet scheduled a fingerprint appointment, you can visit and schedule an appointment.  The ORI code 119Q91 correctly identifies the type of fingerprinting that you need done for your Texas LTC.  You may also call (888) 467-2080 and refer to this same code (119Q91).

  3. Attach your LTC-100 form to your completed application.  The LTC-100 form is the form you received after completing your LTC class.  If you have taken your class on a different day than the shooting qualification, you may have two LTC-100 forms which should be attached.  If for some reason there is no way to attach forms during your application, do not worry.  You can visit after your application to attach your LTC-100 or any other relevant documents.  You would do this by hitting the contact us option, then handgun licensing, and then submit LTC-100.  You'll be asked to attach the document and input some basic information.

  4. If you have an out of state license or ID you'll need to take an extra step by clicking on

  5. If you have questions, including questions regarding the status of your application, you can contact the Texas Department of Public safety by calling at (512) 424-7293 or online at  If you are calling Texas DPS they generally open at about 7:30am for calls, and they become progressively busier and eventually unavailable as the day goes on.  It is suggested that you call as earlier as possible.

  6. Do not contact Dallas Carry about your application.  We unfortunately cannot assist with your application, give status updates, or submit documents to DPS on your behalf.   All of those questions should be directed to the Department of Public Safety's handgun licensing division.

  7. If you have lost your LTC-100 form that you received in class, please request another by clicking this link and following the instructions.  For security purposes, LTC-100 forms are only ever mailed via USPS (they contain your driver's license number which is sensitive information.  As such, replacement LTC-100 forms cost $5.00 in order to cover the cost of postage, handling, and file retrieval.

Note: Your LTC-100 form is valid for up to 2 years from the time that you completed the course.  However, it is not advised that you wait this long to apply for your license.  If you have already started an application with Texas DPS for your license to carry prior to taking the course, it is valid for 1 year before you must reapply.

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