At this time, Dallas Carry only offers the Texas License to Carry (LTC) course.  This course is the state required prerequisite for being successfully granted a Texas License to Carry (LTC).  This license is formerly known as the Concealed Handgun License (CHL) and permits the licensed individual to carry a firearm lawfully.  After completing this course you will be ready to get your fingerprints taken and submit your LTC application.  The class adheres to state requirements; the curriculum can be seen below.  Please note that having basic firearm knowledge and skills is a prerequisite for this course, you will not be learning how to shoot in this course.  New shooters should see our our New Shooter section and use the contact feature to ask additional questions prior to attending.

Course Length: 5-6 hours (depending on how quickly we can finish the range qualification)

Range qualification: This generally takes place before the classroom portion, as soon as you have arrived and the safety brief has been completed.  See below for the course of fire.


Classroom: ​4 hours of course material, concluded with a multiple choice 50 question test.

  • The use of force

  • Firearm safety

  • Firearm storage

  • Dispute resolution

  • Texas laws regarding use of force

  • State Licensing Requirements

The B27 target pictured here scores a 177 out of 250, which exceeds the 175 required score.  X, 9, and 8 ring all count as 5 points.  The 7 ring counts as 4 points, and anywhere on the silhouette (white part in this case) is scored as 3 points.

Range qualification: ​1 hour

  • 20 shots at 3 yards

    • 5 shots in a "one shot exercise" - 2 seconds ​allowed for each shot.

    • 10 shots fired in a "two shot exercise" - 3 seconds allowed for each 2 shot sequence.

    • 5 shots fired in 10 seconds.

  • 20 shots at 7 yards​

    • 5 shots fired in 10 seconds.​

    • 5 shots fired in two stages...

      • 2 shots will be fired in 4 seconds​

      • 3 shots will be fired in 6 seconds

    • 5 shots fired in a "one shot exercise" - 3 seconds allowed for each shot.​

    • 5 shots fired in 15 seconds​

  • 10 shots at 15 yards

    • 5 shots fired in two stages...​

      • 2 shots fired in 6 seconds​

      • 3 shots fired in 9 seconds

    • 5 shots fired in 15 seconds​

  • The target is a B27, full length silhouette target.  You must score a 175 out of a possible 250 points.​  The image below shows a target that just barely passes.