Consider supporting constitutional carry by reading the information below and letting your Texas State Representatives know what you think.  Please feel free to copy and paste all or any part of this section when you contact your representatives.

​Dear [insert state representative],

I am one of your constituents.  The reason why I am contacting you today is to let you know my thoughts regarding the Texas License to Carry (handgun).  I would ask that you take the time to read these points, share them with your colleagues, and ultimately take action on them when the legislature is in session next.

1) Cost: Conservatively, the course and license will cost a student at least $105 to obtain (class fee $50, $15 ammo, $40 license fee).  This excludes the cost of fingerprints, courses that cost more, AND ignores the fact that as of now, there is often ZERO ammunition to purchase at ANY price.  Spending $35-40 for a box of ammo is now the norm, if you're lucky.  The conservative $105 estimate could actually be as much as $155.  Though you or I may not find this financially difficult, it is absolutely a barrier to entry, especially for lower income Texans.  Additionally, the course will take 6 hours (range, class, & test time) plus commute time to/from the range.  As you know, time is money and that is almost a full day of work.  Everyone values their time differently, but if you add in child care for parents, there is another REAL cost involved.  There are more costs associated with maintaining the license like renewals and address/name changes.

2) Curriculum: Government mandated curriculum is poorly suited to preparing a student to actually carry a firearm.  For example, instructors are forced to teach subjects like "ego state theory" which is ultimately an elaboration of common sense communication principles that adults already practice.  Adding more training to the curriculum would be cost and time prohibitive for the vast majority of people.  What would be ideal is an OPTIONAL course with a curriculum established by each instructor, tailored to their particular group of students.

3) Permission to exercise a right: The right to defend not only myself, but my family, is a God given, inherent right.  I am already subject to federal firearms laws which require background checks.  To add in an application process and weeks to months of delays waiting until I am "granted" the right to carry a handgun is unacceptable.  Time passes as Texans wait for their scheduled course date, submit their application, and then await the arrival of their LTC in the mail.  During this time, the applicant is left defenseless.

4) Discriminatory law: I have already voiced my opinion that the cost of LTC courses negatively impacts low income Texans.  However, I feel it is important to mention that generally speaking, minorities/people of color would be defined as low-income at disproportionate rates.  Women who are pregnant and nursing mothers (who would greatly benefit from being able to defend themselves) are advised to avoid shooting ranges due to lead exposure and unsafe noise levels.  During the age of Covid-19, many "at-risk" Texans are doing their best to avoid exposure to the virus in an effort to protect themselves or their families.

5) Online course offerings: Although online LTC course options are now permitted, the law is written in such a way that very few instructors would be permitted to offer such a course.  As such, the price competition just isn't there, and good instructors who would be glad to invest in creating an online presence, are ineligible with no recourse.  The online class also still requires substantial time physically spent in a classroom along with the standard shooting qualification.  As a result, online course offerings generally cost more and take more time than traditional in-class offerings.

It is possible that the LTC program today exists with some good intentions and there may be some benefits to the class.  However, when an honest analysis of the benefits and detriments of the program is completed, I believe that the LTC program does far more harm than good.  Ultimately, I view it as an infringement upon our God given, inherent right to self defense.  As such, I would ask that you support "Constitutional Carry".  Beyond meeting the legal requirements to own and/or buy a handgun, it should not be considered a crime to carry a handgun (or a long gun for that matter).


[Insert your information]

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